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Univers Smart Solar Bench is a smart bench that can generate electricity by the movement of people on it. As we know, the amount of sunlight in Marbella, Spain varies throughout the year. This means that if we install this smart bench in Marbella, it will be able to generate electricity based on how many people use it and how much sunlight there is at any given time.

It will be located in Marbella, Spain

The bench will be located in Marbella, Spain. This is a popular tourist destination that has an average annual temperature of 28 degrees Celsius (82 Fahrenheit) and approximately 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. The area also experiences regular rainfall during the summer months.

The purpose of this installation is to provide electricity for local solar charging stations while promoting sustainability and renewable energy sources. It will be used by tourists who want to charge their phones or other devices while on vacation and by locals who need juice for their cell phones or tablets.

What does Univers Smart Solar Bench do?

Univers Smart Solar Bench is an innovative project designed to give people a place to charge their mobile devices while they wait for the bus, enjoy a coffee or simply sit and relax. The bench is powered by the sun, so there are no additional costs for electricity. It has both WiFi and USB capabilities so you can charge your phone or tablet while using it.

The benches were installed in busy areas of the city that have high foot traffic, such as parks, pedestrian malls, markets and public squares. This makes it easier for locals and tourists alike to use them as part of their daily routine without having to make any special arrangements for charging their devices at home or work. The benches are free for anyone who wants to use them; simply sit down on one (or stand) with your device plugged into either one of its two ports!

What kind of positive effect to the nature by installing Univers Smart Solar Bench?

The main purpose of installing Univers Smart Solar Bench is for reducing the carbon emissions, noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution by using renewable energy sources. Moreover, it will help in improving the quality of life in the cities by providing more free Wi-Fi points, charging stations and places to sit. The solar panels on this bench are designed in the form of a bench and they can be used as an alternative source of energy saving environment.

What benefits does Univers Smart Solar Bench brings to the city?

Univers Smart Solar Bench will be a great addition to the city. This product is designed in a way that it can bring a positive effect to the nature, people, tourists and also community and economy.

As we said earlier, Univers Smart Solar Bench is an innovative design that improves the quality of life by allowing people to charge their devices while enjoying their time outside. There are many benefits that this bench can provide but here are some:

  • It will help conserve energy because using solar power will reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels
  • The bench can be used as an advertising space for companies who want to promote their brands
  • It has been proven effective in beautifying our environment

Univers Smart Solar Bench is not only an innovative and sustainable project, but also a great example of how to improve the quality of life in cities. It’s an easy way to create more green spaces for people to enjoy and make their lives healthier. We hope that this bench will inspire other towns around the world to follow its example so that we can all help make our planet better!


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