Univers’ Smart Board device is considered to be a next-generation technology
that can revolutionize and revamp the entire educational and presentational
methodologies from the old-schooled touch boards to an interactive,
immersive and motion-sensitive display of Full-HD high-resolution display of
graphics that can be observed to the last of its fine visual colors and specifics.


* The most popular technology infrared touch to achieve interaction between users and the monitor. All in one touch: -monitor is also LCD whiteboard -use the LCD instead of the projector for image presentation. – Connect with built-in or outer PC, it is a large touch PC, fingers to control and operate the PC to present advertisement, conference PPT, classroom courses, play movies and etc…

* In the conference machine, you can control the computer in reverse, or use the mobile phone and iPad to directly control the conference digital whiteboards. Write, comment, presentation, etc.


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