Univers’ advertising panels are equipped with the best optimized technologies. The advertising panels Univers’ is offering are interactive and protected with tempered fiber glass making it an engaging visual experience for viewers and impossible for outside force to break down. Using a Full-HD (1920 x 1080P) resolution as well as high contrast displays (1200-1), Univers’ advertising panels are able to generate delicate pixels, restore every color and present every single detail and highlight. Depending on the convenience of the client’s desire, Univers is able to configurate either Android or Windows 10 as the operating systems of the panels.

Modern Design

Minimalism, in its simplest form, means the use of just enough material to create an object or space that performs its functions well and doesn’t have any unnecessary details or features.

Effective Energy Consumption

Univer’s indoor standing screen panel has a high energy efficiency, as it uses the latest technology to reduce power consumption.


Univers’ design for the indoor standing screen with exclusivity in mind. If you are looking for a high quality machine that will impress your clients, then look no further than our modern masterpiece.

High quality resolution

The resolution of our indoor standing screen is important for the clarity of your contents. It is measured in pixels, with higher numbers indicating higher definition and sharpness.


Univers software will automatically scan the machines and files to check if there is any malware and it will be removed automatically if they find.

Customer services

If customers need to be able to reach Univers during business hours, customers will have a 24/7 support line through whatsapp or any way that customers prefer

Size Inches
Brightness cd/m2
Viewing angles °V/°H
Color depth
Contrast ratio
Response time

Univers is a digital signage solution provider, focus on development, production, and sales service. with best-in-class picture & video quality and exceptional durability, we create unique products that are inspirational to use.

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