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A team of creative entrepreneurs on a mission to revolutionize and revamp the world of advertising through the integration of the first-ever high-tech next-generation pioneering accessories not seen anywhere in Europe up to this date.

As the time for print media seems to be up and the digitalization trend appear to be taking over all industries, Univers, an established unique and exclusive trademark, has come to launch the world’s first-ever 3D and holographic panels that are of a multi-functionality nature.

Ranging from creative arts and city announcements to interactive advertisement that generate an outwardly realistic projection of the screenplay towards the audience, Univers’ first-ever next generation technology is well-equipped to not only revolutionize the world of advertising, but it is also qualified to impress and entertain the crowd through its eye-catching high-tech panels that are extraordinary and have not been provided by any other European entity never before.



As the first-ever enterprise who has brought into reality the 70-years-old discovery of holographic technology across the European continent, Univers’ holographic panels produce the most realistic three-dimensional visuals without side effects….

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Univers’ advertising panels are equipped with the best optimized technologies. The advertising panels Univers’ is offering are interactive and protected with tempered fiber glass making it an engaging visual experience for viewers and impossible for outside force to break down….

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3D billboards are a new out-of-home platform that creates a memorable visual Experience it combines billboard advertising and 3D technology. The result of these billboard is a creative and immersive experience, more engaging than the conventional advertising we are used to. 3D billboards are one of the most striking innnvations in modern advertising.

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As the first-ever next-generation technology pioneering enterprise, we provide customers with highly tech-powered and innovative product and service offerings with full refund policies and terms of the guarantee. Digital billboards have become a popular and cost-effective approach to display
your company as a result of advancements in LED technology and automation software.

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December 14, 2022


December 14, 2022

Oh, & We Blog Sometimes

December 14, 2022

Ahmed F M Hamdan

December 12, 2022 in Featured

Hologram video creation by Univers

In the modern world, businesses are in need of a smart tool to bring information, products and services to customers quickly. And doing marketing using creative tools is a must,…
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December 12, 2022 in Featured

3D logo video creation by Univers

3D logo video creation by Univers is a great service. Learn more about how you can use it to create your own 3D logo videos today! Accessing your 3D logo…
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December 12, 2022 in Featured

Smart Solar Bench by Univers

Univers Smart Solar Bench is a smart bench that can generate electricity by the movement of people on it. As we know, the amount of sunlight in Marbella, Spain varies…
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December 11, 2022 in Featured

3D OOH Giant billboard Screen Advertising by Univers

Univers 3D OOH Giant billboard screen Advertising is the most cost-effective way to attract attention and create a brand image. According to statistics, 3D OOH Giant billboard screen Advertising helps…
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