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Univers plans on the development of a sustainable plan-of-action and agenda – also known as City of Lights – with the single aim of modernizing the
advertising industry across the most touristic hotspot of Spain, known as Costa del Sol.
By bringing next-generation pioneering and visually immersive technologies of 3D billboards, holographic panels and solar-powered benches to the municipality of Marbella as a gesture of good will of Univers as a carbon-neutral enterprise, City of Lights is aimed at contributing to the Smart City and Digital Agenda launched by Marbella Townhall.
In doing so, City of Lights aims to transform the traditional print advertising method into a sustainable high-tech, print-free and smart visual experience
wherein audiences can enjoy a glamorous touch of technological modernization on the very buildings and grounds of Marbella and wider areas
of Costa del Sol.


Solar-powered benches are planned on being installed throughout the municipality of Marbella where electric micro-vehicles and devices such as E-scooters, E-bikes, iPads, iPhones amongst other electronics can be charged by a clean and renewable source of energy while a free Wi-Fi connection is being powered and provided to the audience by Costa del Sol’s clean Mediterenean climate where the sunshine projects infinitely 360 days out of the whole year.Henceforth, Univers’ community and value-building ideologies are embodied by the following characteristics.
  • Providing sustainable and clean energy.
  • Promoting tech-powered and solar-engineered pioneering technologies.
  • Raising the public’s awareness concerning the importance of carbon-neutraltechnologies in light of increasing climate crisis.
  • Setting Marbella closer to the path of Smart City development.
  • Bringing residents and citizens of Marbella closer together via communal amenities such as solar-powered electric energy and wireless connection.